Workplace Clinical Assessments and Interventions

Barry Kirker, Clinical Psychologist, is able to assist with solving employment issues steaming from psychological or mental health issues of staff. Barry provides organisations with independent psychological assessments to clarify responsibility and causation in relation to psychological or psychiatric matters, and clinical interventions to resolve individual staff difficulties and team workplace issues that are a result of mental health pathology and interpersonal conflicts. He consults with management or to HR, and can also directly support employees.

Barry understands the needs of business and he is familiar with relevant occupational health and employment legislation. Drawing upon his training and experience he aims to undertake objective and insightful assessments with useful findings and/ or recommendations. If then required he can undertake active interventions to assist with management of difficult staff situations and/ or resolution of workplace disputes. Barry also offers a service whereby immediate advice and if necessary direct intervention can be provided in relation to managing emerging mental health issues in the workplace.

Managers at various levels have indicated that they recognise the value of consulting with an independent professional such as Barry who can understand their workplace environment, the issues, and then assist by offering a quality formal written opinion or intervention to resolve key matters assessed. Barry has a unique skill set among psychologists in New Zealand in that he is a clinical psychologist with experience and knowledge to assist in workplace and human resource matters.

Workplace Services provided are:
  • Fitness for Work Assessments
  • Independent Stress Claim Assessments
  • Psychological Injury Assessments
  • Investigation of bullying/ harassment, and other grievances or disputes
  • Mediations
  • Behavioural Management Plans
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Review of, and independent advice regarding, EAP Services
  • Counselling to change problem behaviour

Barry welcomes queries from managers or employees at any time for a confidential discussion about their concerns or needs.

Workplace Clinical Assessments and Interventions