Psychological Check Up

You get your car checked-out, even your home.

You have a check-up on your teeth, and get a check-up from your doctor.

And you may get a body check-up at the gym.

So what about your most important asset, your mind?!

  • Maybe you have problems in the past and you wonder if they are still impacting you.
  • Maybe you have been told you have got 'issues'.
  • Maybe you want to give yourself the all clear before embarking on that new relationship or that challenging project.
  • Maybe you work in a high risk job or are exposed to high levels of stress in your life.
  • Maybe you are just curious about whether you are 'normal'
A Psychological Check-up service is now available from South Auckland Psychology

The psychological check-up service involves a one-off hour long session consisting of a structured interview and often a brief psychometric test. The psychologist provides feedback on how it seems you are going based on this clinical assessment, and where indicated makes recommendations on interventions to address any concerns identified.

Fee for service is $140. Appointments can be made on (09) 579-1280.

Psychological Check Up