Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD

and ADD (older adolescents and adults)

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, meaning that aspects of brain development are different. There are two key sets of symptoms.  One involves hyperactivity and impulsivity; the other poor attention.  One or the other, or both sets of symptoms may be present.  The inattentive variety is sometimes referred to as ADD.

An older adolescent or adult with ADHD typically has trouble maintaining their interest and concentration on a project. They may not easily hold in mind what they need to remember.  Often they cannot motivate themselves to start work; or they have a poor sense of time and fail to meet deadlines.  In addition, they may be easily frustrated and intolerant of others.


This involves:

  1. An individual interview (1-2 hours).  This will cover your current concerns, what you recall from growing up as well as a screen for comorbid mental health problems.
  2. An interview with someone who knows you well, ideally a parent or partner.
  3. Completion of a symptom rating scale by yourself and by another person who knows you.
  4. Psychometric testing-this may be a brief screen for attention or a more comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities.

This assessment normally takes 4-5 hours and including a short report can cost $700-$800.  With more comprehensive testing it may take 6-7 hours ($1000-$1200.00).


At the completion of the assessment we should be in a position to recommend treatment options, as well as provide advice on how to live an optimal life with ADHD.  We may be able to provide some treatment components at South Auckland Psychology, make an appropriate referral for other approaches.

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