Frequently Asked Questions

What information do psychological or investigative reports contain?

All reports follow a structured template.

Background factual information or key case issues are introduced. Findings from interview of both the employee and workplace representative(s) are presented -this can include signed statements depending on the issue or context. Work and non work factors impacting on an employee are considered. With the employee’s permission information is included from liaison with treating health professionals and significant others. All information obtained is analysed and conclusions are made including an opinion on the causation of the employee's issues and the merits of any case claimed. Recommendations are made.

Comprehensive reports are typically 10-15 pages in length. Samples of reports can be provided on request.

How does mediation work?

Typically the mediator will interview parties individually. Then the mediator will facilitate a session with all parties present with the aim of conflict resolution. If an outcome is reached a written agreement is done up and signed by all parties. If an outcome is not reached the mediator writes a report which details the issues and recommendations for resolution.

What happens with the Workplace Employee Support Service?

Agreement is reached as to behaviour to be addressed of issues of concern. Goals are then developed accordingly and accountability put in place. See the referral form.

What is a Behavioural Management Plan?

It is an agreement which clarifies expectations and makes clear what strategies will be employed to ensure workplace behaviour is appropriate. Specific actions to be undertaken are stated along with how change will occur and consequences if there is no change.

What happens when the Employee Support Service is requested?

An authorisation form is sent which details the service that is to be provided. This form is signed by the party who is paying for the service and faxed or emailed back. A time is then made for a consultation session to occur. This can take place immediately.

During the consultation a number of questions are asked so the situation of concern can be best understood. Specific tailored advice is then provided. There is opportunity for follow-up consultation(s) if necessary.

Fee for this service is $60 per consultation. Typically consultations take 20-30 minutes, with up to 45 minutes available.

What services are provided on site after a Critical Incident?

Managers are provided with advice on how to respond to staff and what to do practically. Covered is the period immediately after the incident and then 48-72 hours, 1 week, and 1 month post-incident.

Employees in groups are provided with information on self-care. At risk employees can be identified for individual follow-up.